Ramfos Hammers

Why purchase Ramfos Hydraulic Hammers from Equipment East?

  • Hydraulic Hammers
  • Pulverizers
  • Multiprocessors

Your purchase includes 24 hour a day access to our factory-trained technicians performing:

  • Installation and flow testing the hammer to your machine at our facility.
  • Servicing of your hammer at your job site or our facility – your choice.
  • OEM parts in stock for your specific model (blunts, chisels, moil points, upper or lower bushings, pistons, retainer bars, pins, etc).
  • Complete hammer rebuilds using only genuine OEM parts

Hydraulic Hammers

Choosing the right attachment is key in completing a job for mining, road building, construction or demolition. Ramfos Hydraulic Hammers are available with a wide variety of breakers and bits, with a match for mini excavators, skid steer loaders, medium and large excavators. Companies and contractors can be certain to get the proper tool to complete their task - the right tool for the right job.

As an eco-friendly instrument, Ramfos Hydraulic Hammers are designed for noise-sensitive areas, meeting international standards with reinforced hard boots, anti-blank blow system, dual speed control system, single high-pressure accumulator (available in TF14 and larger models) and swivel joints on main hose. Offering extreme performance with low maintenance, the Ramfos hammers’ precision and durability provide dependence and peace of mind that is only matched with Equipment East’s promise to provide service for all of the parts we sell.

Our Ramfos Hydraulic Hammers remain affordable without compromising quality. Customers can rely on our Ramfos factory-trained team to provide OEM hammer parts and rebuild with original parts as quickly as possible, so your jobs stay on schedule. At Equipment East, we understand that down time is a waste of money – we will not waste your time.